top 5 reasons fibromyalgia is the best fake disease (okay syndrome, whatever, it's not real anyway)

Top five reasons fibromyalgia is the best “fake” disease

1. You get to lay in bed all day and eat marshmallows while watching Mexican soap operas. There is certainly no pain involved, because after all you are faking it. Really it’s great to watch everyone else go on with their lives while you sit in bed hopped up on painkillers (you are a druggy after all). If only everyone could be so lucky.

2. You get to see your doctor every single month. It’s so much fun to go sit in the waiting room for hours in those stiff chairs, it certainly doesn’t exacerbate your condition at all. It’s even better to be regularly reminded that you are fat and that you need to exercise more and that your pain is just all in your head. Everyone needs to be told on a regular basis that they are fat and that it’s their fault. You even get to waste money you don’t have on the $300 doctors bill. Paying the doctor who didn’t help you is really awesome.



3. You get to take lots of prescription medicine which costs a lot and works very little. Nothing can beat taking more pills than an 80 year old. There is just an amazing thrill of looking at your 10 bottles of medicine and trying to remember what to take when. It’s even better when you have to go to the pharmacy to buy a pill organizer (affiliate link) and the check out person asks if you’re buying it for your grandma. It’s a good thing this fake disease is preparing you for when you are an old person, you’re going to be a pro at this “sick” thing. One day all your friends in the nursing home are going to come to you for advice.

4. You don’t have to socialize with people ever. You can actually go weeks without seeing anyone! As everyone knows, it’s great to stay home all day every day completely immobilized. After all, no one actually likes going out with their friends and having fun. Really we all just want to stay home in bed and not experience anything ever! It’s truly an introverts dream.

5. You don’t have to work, you get to sponge off others who never make you feel guilty about it at all. You get to spend years fighting to get disability benefits if you can afford a disability lawyer, which you probably can’t because you aren’t working and are mooching off others. Oh well, what’s wrong with mooching a little bit more?   If you can get disability benefits you get to live the life of luxury on $900 a month. You really get to live high on the town with that kind of money, thanks taxpayers!  And, while you’re waiting for appeal after appeal for your disability to go through you get to sponge off whomever you want! It’s so awesome to have to ask other people for money and for them to try to make you feel guilty about it. You never feel guilt though because you have no conscience. You truly are the luckiest person in the world.


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46 thoughts on “Top five reasons fibromyalgia is the best “fake” disease

  1. At first I thought that you were bashing us fibros. Then I realized where you were going with it. You are right, There is nothing fun about fibro! I used to be a social butterfly and now im so bored and wishing I was with family and friends.

    1. I was getting very angry when I first read the title. Its like don’t knock it til you have try it. Fibro. Don’t say its not real until you’ve spent days in bed.Hurting like you have the worse case of the flu that could be imagined.Losing precious time with the ones you love. Its real its real.

      1. I purposely made the title inflammatory because I get tons of google queries for “fibromyalgia is fake.” I really enjoy that they get directed to my website, and hope that maybe they learn a little something about how ridiculous it is to think Fibromyalgia isn’t real. No one in their right mind would pick this disease!

        1. Hi, ive had fibro since 1998 , at first the doctors thought i had lupus, it took almost 10 years for them to diagnose my illness. Im a hot mess now.. Thanks to chronic fatigue , sore muscles, bones ,even my skin hurts. Unfinished projects that i start when i feel good. No this is not fake! What really makes me mad is when ignorant people say ” You dont look sick” Wow! If you only knew! Keep your heads up fibro brothers and sisters and keep moving it could be worse. Luv Auntigrama

          1. I hate that too. I look like a totally normal person even when my pain is at it’s worth. Too many people view disability as something that’s easily invisible, which makes it really hard for those of us with invisible illnesses.

  2. Hello! I am researching fibromyalgia for a paper I'm working for my graduate program in health communication. A major focus of my paper is discussing the terrible stigmas associated with fibro, and number one with a bullet is this notion that it's "fake." Sure enough, I googled "fibromyalgia is fake", and your wonderful page came up. I don't have fibromyalgia and only know one person with it, but in my past month of researching, my heart pours out to all those afflicted, and I just feel so upset when I see some of the terrible things strewn across the internet – I can't image how it would make you and your peers feel.

    Just wanted to thank you for this great post. I wish you the best of luck & good health!! 🙂

  3. So, if you are experience pain then why be offended if you are told to lose weight? Additionally, I see through your lies……Attorneys represent clients on a contingency basis when the case is for disability. Next, why is the vast majority of "fibromyalgia" patients uneducated with no more than a high school diploma. Poor people are diagnosed at a rate of 10 to 1. You talk about "mooching" like it is second nature. We have fibro patients who moan and groan in pain and as soon as the Dr. hands them their script they get up and bounce out of the office. God forbid he cuts their meds or denies the refill they go from barely walking and moaning to jumping up cursing and calling their friends while throwing their hands around screaming "I HAVE FIBROMALGIA" funny how no one ever had this "disease" until the 90's. Maybe it is a STD or you caught it from a public toilet. Pathetic

    1. I am not going to dignify your trolling with much of a response. I'm just going to leave it here as proof of what people with Fibromyalgia have to deal with every day from cowards like you who can't even use their real names.

      1. That person probably kicks his or her dog, too. Some folks don’t have any empathy, and they base broad-reaching assumptions on a small set of experiences that don’t give a true picture of the reality many suffer on a daily basis. All I can say is I pray they don’t wake up with a chronic condition like fibromyalgia one day themselves because eating “crow” is most unpleasant.

        1. You’re a much better person than I am. Not me; I hope that they DO wake up with fibro. I was a Nurse who wasn’t sure I believed in fibro, but I never, not ever, did I once make any disparaging remarks about fibro patients being liars or malingerers. At worst I thought that they were suffering from aches & pains that went along with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Which brings me to my next point; it may well be a syndrome & not a disease, but we accept many other syndromes as legitimate diagnosis, so why the stigma with this one. It’s been a medical diagnosis since the 70’s, it’s been described in detail since long before that (look up Florence Nightingale and Clara Barton), & has been accepted by the AMA, so it’s the troll that hasn’t done his research & doesn’t have his facts straight; not us. At any rate, there’s no excuse for looking up an illness that you don’t believe in just to get your rocks off by making hateful, vile, disgusting, & rude comments about people that you know nothing about, & furthermore about a medical condition that you have no medical education on. That makes the troll the pathetic one, so we’ll ignore him so he can go back to smacking ice-cream out of kids hands, kicking puppies, & pushing walkers out from underneath old ladies. And yeah; I hope he wakes up with fibro.

    2. I have a coworker who is trying to get disability for hers. She brags about taking all day shopping trips with her Mom and sister. She is so lazy that she won’t even throw her own trash in the trash can at work. She is bubbly and giggles at every man that walks through our office doors. I’m not saying all people fake having it but this woman does. She was recently denied her disability.. So now she’s wanting more hours. They just cut my hours and another coworkers hours foo. But she wants more hours to mooch from the company.

  4. To
    Unknown and 9032fff8-7f2e-11e5-b66d-4f8091d179e0
    Psssssst!!! Your ignorance is showing!!!!
    Yes, you are "flying low" and you obviously don't have a clue what you are talking about. Uneducated are we? I don't believe education begins or finishes with traditional school years or a University education for that matter. Education is a lifelong learning experience. You need to get some education on the actual facts instead of allowing your twisted view to permeate the air around you. Actually, maybe if you were to experience auto-immune disease yourself you would perhaps understand what we have to go through and put up with from ignorant people who really don't know what they are talking about. I do think it is probably the only way you will understand this is not a "fake disease". By the way, we don't ask for this diagnosis, it is what we are given by a specialist. I can't take pain meds for my pain either because I have another condition that makes it dangerous for me to do so. I have never taken illegal drugs and I try to go without prescription drugs as much as possible reducing the amount prescribed to half because I am aware of the effects it can have on my health long term, after all, I actually do want to get better, but nothing I have tried so far has worked. I'd question those who diagnosed someone with Fibromyalgia if that person was truly faking it because the majority of us are not!!!

  5. Ty for writing this. I take 0 pain meds! None! I was a successful person making very good money. I'm sick now. I have other medical stuff I never had. I would love to go back to work. I can't stand the fact that I'm sick now. It ruined my career, my marriage and almost my life. So screw anyone who thinks we are faking this.

  6. It's weird how you have Lyme disease & Fibro, when Lyme disease can cause many of the symptoms that Fibro supposedly causes. I'm not saying that Fibro isn't real but my wife was diagnosed with it & then it turned out she had Lyme disease.

    1. Tupac, Lyme is so simple to be tested for. It’s a simple blood test. Oh & Lyme doesn’t “cause” Fibro. But, your wife could have both Lyme disease & Fibro. But you know that!

  7. It's a catch all diagnosis. Fact. I don't know what's wrong with you….here… take this diagnosis. There isn't a tool for diagnosis so anyone that can't be diagnosed is…you guessed it… diagnosed with fibro.

  8. The reality is, and I see it everyday as a multi-specialty nurse, there are and will always be people who use Dr. Google to determine and self dx themselves. The process for determining true Fibromyalgia is through the process of elimination essentially. Lab work is number one in crossing possibilities off the list. However, I personally know someone who is faking fibromyalgia to keep from working even a part time job. Lives off the system, has stated her children are my financial responsibility, and her parents pay her bills. She’s 49. I see her out doing things that most folks with fibromyalgia “as bad as hers” would never be able to do. So, people do fake it and I find it despicable. Because people such as yourself have to defend those real symptoms and dx as a result! Keep doing what you’re doing.

  9. At the age of 18 I was an old, washed up ballerina with a high ANA count and the best insurance money could buy at the time. I saw the heads of the department of Rheumatology at Oregon Health and Sciences University monthly (for three years), and I was being watched for Lupus initially, but had been given a tentative Fibro diagnosis. I was horrendously achy, but also, I was a dancer of 15 years who had been through 7 orthopedic surgeries. I resumed dance during the time I was an OHSU patient.

    My statements will be highly controversial, but they are my truth in my life story; I was never intended to live with a lifetime fibro label. Fibro was an excuse for appointments and a lot of nonsense because I had superb insurance. It’s now 12 years later, and I am doing just fine. I ache, but that’s life after being a child and young adult athlete. When I was 19, my pediatric rheumatologist, a professor and absolute expert in the field told me point blank that he did not believe Fibro was an actual disease, and that he didn’t want me to be told and believe that I was sick. I was so offended at the time, but today, I SO appreciate him and his guidance. I was miserable because of the stress my body had been through due to my training, and I had suffered from (as we all most likely do) Mono/EBV. Truly, it was after my bout with mono that things seemed to be harder for me.

    My Rheumatologist assured me that Fibro needed more research but wasn’t really looked at the same as any of the other rheumatological diseases by him or his peers.

    It’s my opinion that the medical industry (big pharma) was quick to catch on to this malaise of Fibro for the complete purpose of profit. My experience makes me highly skeptical of Fibro, because I saw the very best in the country prior to the days where big pharma drug companies saw this condition as the money maker that it currently is. Everyone I know has Fibro these days. At least that is the truth here in the PNW.

    If you are sick, hurting, and in pain, you need a proper diagnosis. I believe in your pain and symptoms! If you aren’t well, there is a reason! I’ve been there personally!!! Fibro is a band-aide, not the best that is out there for you!

    For me, my path was something so different, and I’m so grateful to the doctor who sent me down this much better road. To this very day, I still have a high ANA count from time to time, and additional symptoms that lead me to be watched for Lupus. I refuse the label of Fibro and all that goes with it. I have EVERY fibro symptom and those darn sore spots (no joke, I am so tender in so many places). I fight it this by: 1. Faith in Jesus 2. Eating a great diet 3. Getting my rear up for daily exercise (even when it hurts, as it almost always does.) I struggle with fatigue that seeks to stifle me, random fevers that confound me, and pain that seeks to limit me, but I make a choice to fight for a great life. And when I lean towards prayer, good nutrition, and exercise, I do so so much better.

    I say this all with love, as my story is just my singular perspective.

  10. I had never heard of it till they put it as an advertisement on tv. As I listened to I used to be a doer now I don’t have the energy, I said that’s me. But even then I didn’t put my problems together with it. Then last year my sister called and told me she had been diagnosed with fibro and rhumatoid artheritis and I needed to be tested cause it was auto immune, I didn’t even know what that was, she said inherited. After I was diagnosed with fibro, no rhumo, and I started to research I realized that my mother had it but was never diagnosed. I have put together all my symptoms I’ve had for years and they are symptoms of fibro. I had not been diagnosed and had been told I was just Makin excuses or it was all in my head. But it was a relief to me because all my symptoms were so varied and all over I couldn’t really tell a doc what was wrong. All they could do was treat the symptom at the time. Anxiety then panic attacks, then cramps, sore throat and ears, I took Tylenol like candy for aches and pain, had total exhaustion, was told I had a illness that mimicked mono and until the weather cooled down I wouldn’t feel much better, and I did. So how can someone who new nothing about it fake it. Believe me it was a relief to have a diagnosis. I’ve read there are 60 symptoms settled on for fibro, of the 60 I have 36 and of those 36 I have all the symptoms of MS. Which in itself is a symptom and one of several that has to be treated apart from fibro. I will have an MRI Aug 24,2016 to either rule out or diagnose MULTIPLE SCLAROSIS. so for anyone who thinks it’s not real I hope and pray tour never diagnosed with fibro of whom I’m sure most are men cause it rarely hits men from all I’ve read. Maybe we get it from all the things we have to deal with in men. Sorry couldn’t resist. But honestly I hope no one has to find out the hard way cause its defiantly real. God bless all yall out there sufferin with me maybe we need a fibro face page to comunicate. Yall take care out there and I’m prayin for us all .

  11. Thanks for the website. Love the satire. I am an college educated woman whose career this disease has ruined. I went through so many tests and seemed to jump through hoops to be diagnosed. My diagnosis was made by a highly regarded Rheumatologist who then went back into research. My GP then told me “We don’t do fibromyalgia here.” So, he basically said to find a new doctor. I didn’t want to accept the diagnosis at first. I kept being told by people that it is not real, BUT the pain is REAL! The brain fog is REAL! The fatigue is REAL!!!!! After years of working with this disease to find treatments, I KNOW it is REAL!! I hurt so much!! I can’t take narcotics for pain, nor am I on disability due to my own personal situation, however, I know that they’re are people like me who are, and they deserve it! I am sure there is a few people faking it, but the majority of us are truly hurting. God bless them.

  12. I occasionally write for a website that tries to inform and offer advice to people about fibromyalgia. I myself do not have the illness, but I have done my best to extensively research the syndrome.

    (Don’t worry, I never pretend to claim I have fibro in my writing. The pieces I write are not about living with fibro, but about new research or treatments.)

    The problem I’ve run into while writing is that rather than becoming more sympathetic to fibro the more I learn, I have become less. And a large part of that has nothing to do with medical reports that “prove” fibro isn’t real because there are just as many that “prove” that is is. It’s the fibro community.

    Of the comments I have seen on the many, many different website and articles I have visited, there is a frankly annoying tone to many of them. Our website’s Facebook page is filled with posts about how much it hurts to have fibro, how their lives have been ruined, and how everyone who suffers from it is a hero. It seems to be a constant source of petting one’s own ego, and it is very off-putting to read.

    Many people who say they have fibromyalgia, including some comments on this very page, then proceed to list off four other medical conditions they also have. At a certain point, it seems like enough is enough. It’s hard to believe that someone so sick could even be alive. Not to mention that fact that some of the most symptoms are the same as those who have experienced depression.

    And maybe that is the crux of my “issues” with fibromyalgia. I have been depressed before and I overcame it without any pills. I have seen loved ones struggling through the pain of a long recovery process following surgery, and they forced themselves to work through the pain. Everything in my life has indicated that mind can overcome matter.

    I’m not making this comment to be hurtful or to troll, but because I sincerely hope that those who see it might offer some insight. I want to believe that fibromyalgia exists, and I do believe that people who have fibromyalgia think they are in pain. But I need some help getting there. I want to be a better writer, I want to have a stronger understanding of my audiance, and I don’t want to feel like I’m pandering when I tell people how strong they are when they say they are living with fibromyalgia.

    So please, my intent is not to insult, I just want to understand. Can anyone help me?

    1. Hi.

      First, congratulations on overcoming depression without pills. Depression sucks, right?

      Second, I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia by a doctor. I went to another doctor, to get a second opinion, he also got to the same conclusion.

      I am not sure fibromyalgia is real. It might be. It might be not. That, to me, is not the point.

      The way I see is: it doesn’t matter if one calls it fibromyalgia, depression, muscle tension (because I think it might be something like that, at least in my case), a psycomathic disease, a sleep problem, getting old or just “globs globs”.

      What matters, to me, is: how to deal with this? What can I do? What works?

      So I tried Lyrica. The pain got away! I woke up feeling rested! I also felt really, really, bad. The side effects were awful. I stopped taking it. Symptoms got back.

      Are they psychosomatic? Did the medicine worked as a placebo? Are this thing “for realz”? I really don’t know.

      What I found out is this: if I try to ignore the pain and do things “in spite of it” it gets worse. But, if I “do things – rest a little bit – do more things”, I can keep going and eventually do everything I need to do.

      I’m not sure I helped you. I hope you keep the research and get an answer. Good luck!

  13. I’m so glad you found a label for yourself. “Chronic Mom”= I’m a victim, but I’m a MOM which is “the hardest job in the WORLD!” Get off the cross, we need the wood. Fibro is nothing more than a misdiagnosed personality disorder, which are basically incurable. Just easier to throw drugs and mental illness than to call it out. Especially when the sufferer is angry and hell-bent on being a victim.

  14. I was married to a “Fybro” bullshitter for 10 years. Best thing I ever did was divorce. What nonsense. Can choose the moment when you’re “sick”. Yeah. Right. Complete nonsense.
    She ended up holding batteries to try and cure this “disease”.
    I just smile now.

    Get over it, you fakers.

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