10 truths about taking opioids for chronic pain

10 truths about taking opioids for chronic pain

Being on opioid medication because of chronic pain is practically a criminal offense these days. You spend a lot of time defending the decisions you and your doctor decided was best for you , and usually you’re defending these decisions to people who don’t actually know anything about pain. There are substantial misconceptions going around […]

a day in the life of an opioid addict

A day in the life of an opioid addict

I wake up in the morning and immediately feel the crushing pain that has a hold over my entire body. The pain radiates from my shoulders to my toes, but I have to get out of bed so I can get my kids to school. I don’t know how I’m going to do it, but […]

6 things to look for in a fibromyalgia doctor

6 things to look for in a Fibromyalgia doctor

Finding a doctor willing to consider a fibromyalgia diagnosis can be a long and difficult process. On average it takes about five years to get diagnosed partly because some doctors don’t believe in fibromyalgia and others aren’t willing to treat a condition with no cure. My personal experience fits into this narrative as it took me […]

when doctors don't listen to their patients

When doctors don’t want to listen to their patients

It’s no secret that I dislike doctors and don’t trust them. I have a whole category on my blog entitled “doctors suck” after all. A lot of people wonder how I can dislike doctors when they are thoughtful, educated, and selfless human beings who are just trying to use their knowledge to bless humanity. When I hear […]

5 common fibromyalgia myths, and why they're wrong

5 Common Fibromyalgia Myths

Despite being around for several decades, the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is still widely misunderstood. Patients still struggle with getting a diagnosis, and when they do get a diagnosis helping their friends and family understand their invisible illness can be a challenge. What complicates patients’ lives even more are a myriad of myths and misconceptions that […]