5 things not to say to someone with chronic illness

5 things not to say to people with chronic illness

When you have a chronic illness you tend to get the same reactions from people over and over again. As much as you try to remember that most people have good intentions being regularly put into a position where you have to defend your illness is exasperating. Here are some suggestions for what not to say […]

10 truths about taking opioids for chronic pain

10 truths about taking opioids for chronic pain

Being on opioid medication because of chronic pain is practically a criminal offense these days. You spend a lot of time defending the decisions you and your doctor decided was best for you , and usually you’re defending these decisions to people who don’t actually know anything about pain. There are substantial misconceptions going around […]

10 things people with Fibromyalgia really want for gifts this year

10 things people with Fibromyalgia really want as gifts this year

For people to realize that Fibromyalgia is not fake and is a legitimate illness that has been around for a long time. Unfortunately because Fibromyalgia mostly affects women, it has never been taken seriously.  It would be amazing if people  reacted to a Fibromyalgia diagnosis with support, not judgement and skepticism. 2.  To have the CDC, DEA, government […]

Invisible Illness feels like clinging to the edge of a cliff with all your might as someone tries to force you off by stomping on your hand repeatedly.

Invisible illness: when people can’t see your pain

This week is Invisible Illness week, and so I’ve been thinking about what it really means to have an invisible illness. While everyone’s experience is different, this is what invisible illness is to me:   Invisible illness is being pressured into doing things you’re too sick to do Invisible illness is being told you just […]

when doctors don't listen to their patients

When doctors don’t want to listen to their patients

It’s no secret that I dislike doctors and don’t trust them. I have a whole category on my blog entitled “doctors suck” after all. A lot of people wonder how I can dislike doctors when they are thoughtful, educated, and selfless human beings who are just trying to use their knowledge to bless humanity. When I hear […]