when you feel inadequate

When you feel inadequate as a parent with chronic illness

“Mom, can I have a play date?” The first thing my daughter says to me when she walks in the door from school. What I really want to say is: Hell no, it’s hard enough dealing with my own kids but dealing with someone else’s is its own special brand of hell.  What I actually […]

surviving the holidays as a parent with chronic illness

Surviving the holidays as a parent with chronic illness

The holidays can be a rough time period for everyone. There’s so much to do it’s easy to feel stressed, hurried, and overwhelmed. It’s even harder if you have a chronic illness and you have to deal with the limitations of your body. Often we can barely make it through the typical day so the […]

pinterest parenting fails

Okayist parent alert- this isn’t a Pinterest household

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links I’ve never been the Pinterest parent and my house has never been a Pinterest house, but since the advent of chronic illness things may have slid…a little. Not that we live in filth or anything, things just aren’t as perfect as I would like them to be. Then again, […]

the struggle of parenting with fibromyalgia

The struggle of parenting with Fibromyalgia

I’m sitting outside my daughter’s dance class waiting for class to be over. I try not to shift too many times in the hard plastic chair, but my body is hurting. There’s chaos all around me as siblings run around parents who are busy making last minute plans for tomorrow’s recital. I watch the chaos […]

summer is the worst

10 reasons summer is the worst

Summer kicks my trash. For one thing the weather makes me feel horrible and leads to me swell up like a balloon. Also my hands are virtually unusable from the months of April-October. For another thing, my kids are out of school. Now I love my kids very much, but I’ve found since my illness my tolerance […]