5 reactions to a fibromyalgia diagnosis- and why love and acceptance make all the difference

5 reactions to a Fibromyalgia diagnosis

Someone told me the other day that there was no excuse for feeling alone, and if I felt alone it was all my fault. Words failed me. Two house later I finally thought of a great response, but it was too late. It struck me that this is what people don’t understand about fibromyalgia or […]

the difference between healthy and sick

The difference between being healthy and being sick

Health vs chronic illness Healthy People: I’m so tired from staying up late last night Chronically Ill: I’m so tired from lying on the couch all day Healthy people: I hate working, it would be amazing to stay home all day doing nothing Chronically Ill: I’d give anything to be able to work. Healthy people: […]

no one cares it's not cancer

Why no one cares about chronic illness, part 3

Read my much angrier part 1 and part 2 for background context of this post.  I’ve learned a lot about humanity through having a chronic illness. When you’re sick you really see the best and the worst of human beings. I have been on the receiving end of some wonderful service, and I have also been […]

feeling alone when you're chronically ill

Feeling alone when you’re chronically ill

What’s it really like being sick? It’s lonely. There is a barrier between you and most healthy people. Healthy people want healthy friends. They want friends they can regularly rely on. They want friends who’s lives are not regulated by pain, medication, exhaustion, sleep patterns, and doctors appointments. Very few people can see past these […]


5 “helpful” things that don’t really help people with chronic illness

1. Saying things like, “But you don’t look sick”! It’s really nice of you to say that I look good, but I have an invisible illness. You can’t see my pain, but believe me it is there. On a regular day I’m in more pain than most people could ever imagine, but I’m very good at […]