how chronic illness makes you awesome

How chronic illness makes you awesome

No one who knows me in real life would every call me an optimist. I consider myself a realist which means if something is positive, yay! However, I’m not going to pretend something is awesome when it’s not. Which is why I tend to shy away from “my illness is totally empowering” “my life is […]

i'm not faking being sick, i'm faking being well

I’m not faking being sick, I’m faking being well

I got the strangest compliment the other day. I was told that I am a professional organizer when it comes to my illness. It was pointed out to me that I put a lot of mental effort into making my illness look like it’s no big deal, and most people, even my husband who I live […]

5 things not to say to someone with chronic illness

5 things not to say to people with chronic illness

When you have a chronic illness you tend to get the same reactions from people over and over again. As much as you try to remember that most people have good intentions being regularly put into a position where you have to defend your illness is exasperating. Here are some suggestions for what not to say […]

I am just one- what it's like to live with invisible illness

I am just one: living with invisible illness

I am just one I am just one person with an invisible chronic illness. And I matter I deserve to be believed I deserve to be treated with respect I am more than my symptoms I am more than my disease. I have dreams I have goals I have feelings I am not a failure […]

Invisible Illness feels like clinging to the edge of a cliff with all your might as someone tries to force you off by stomping on your hand repeatedly.

Invisible illness: when people can’t see your pain

This week is Invisible Illness week, and so I’ve been thinking about what it really means to have an invisible illness. While everyone’s experience is different, this is what invisible illness is to me:   Invisible illness is being pressured into doing things you’re too sick to do Invisible illness is being told you just […]