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I am a newly diagnosed fibromyalgia patient. As soon as I was diagnosed I started doing research on how to live with fibromyalgia. I’m read lots of books and read extensively on the internet, but through all my research I haven’t seen much on living with fibromyalgia and being a mom. It seems like every fibro book I read talks about taking it easy, making sure to take it slow, pacing, keeping low stress, meditating for hours every day etc. and every time I read these I just laugh. When you are a mom you can’t take it slow, and you can’t spend two hours a day meditating!

I also, like every other mom, struggle with my desire and need to be a good mother, only unlike other moms I have to balance that desire with my health. I want my kids to have great experiences, I want them to see things, I want to be that fun mom, but sometimes I can’t because I am too tired and I hurt too much. Being a mom with a chronic illness is tough, and it comes with a lot of guilt.

So I decided I would start a blog about my experiences, mostly for me to keep track, but maybe eventually it will help someone else.
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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. I just came upon your blog. Plan to read on and on. I think I have this (or something very similar). I've been aching for YEARS! Started when I was about 36 but doctors dismiss – Oh, you're fine, exercise, stretch. Okay. Imply it's all in my [negative] attitude enough times and I'll, sadly, believe you. After all, I want to believe there is nothing wrong with me. But when you're 46 (current) and feel 70 some days, you really have to wonder.

    Oh and I'm a mom – a single mom, to boot. I had a baby at nearly 44, which makes feeling unwell all the more scary. 🙁

    -Sky's mommy

    1. I know exactly what you mean. I'm 29 and I feel like I'm 70, that's not normal! Don't listen to the morons who imply it's your bad attitude. Even if you have a bad attitude, it doesn't mean it caused your health problems. I hope you can find out what is going on.

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