Crazy people

I’m starting to understand why some people think that those with fibromyalgia are crazy/hypochondriacs. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at fibro blogs and on fibro forums, and I’ve never seen so many people convinced that so many things are wrong with them! This is not to say that I don’t believe them, but it seems like lots of people with fibro attribute way too much to it. I don’t think that every twinge of pain that I have in my body can be attributed to the “demon of fibromyalgia.” I’m pretty sure that regular people have aches and pains as well.

It’s unfortunate that people come off this way, because they give those of us who are normal a bad name. The first time I ever heard of fibromyaglia was in 2002, when a friend of a friend was diagnosed. That friend of a friend became my friend (you follow?) and she was the most wonderful human being ever. She was up front about her condition, and if you asked her questions, she would answer, but she didn’t wear it on her sleeve. She pretty much lived a normal life, she just took care of herself better than most people. So because she was my only exposure to fibro I never even realized that it was a “questionable” condition. I hope that I can be like her, and not like the crazies!
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