Fifteen minutes

My husband is on a trip to DC, so I’ve been left with both my kids without any backup for several days. At first I figured it wouldn’t matter at all, because he isn’t around much during the weekdays anyway. What I failed to calculate was how much rest I get in the fifteen minutes between when he comes home from work and when he heads off to church meetings. In 15 minutes I can go the bathroom… by myself, I can read a quick chapter in a book, I can shoot off a couple emails, and most importantly I can get a few minutes of precious silence. I’m definitively missing my fifteen minutes.

I feel like I’ve turned into a wimp. When my husband was in grad school he was always gone, and even though my daughter was a horror of an infant, I managed her just fine. There’s something just extra exhausting about two kids though, when one is quiet the other one isn’t, they keep you going all day long with no break. Plus, I try really hard to manage my schedule by pacing, only my kids are not cooperating with that. Phew, I’m ready for my husband to come home.
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