Mother of the year

Yes, that’s me. In a burst of energy/a desire to no longer live in filthiness, I decided to clean our bathrooms today. Before I actually cleaned the counter in the master bath, I had to get rid of all the junk. So I took about 60 seconds to take a glass into the kitchen and put it in the dishwasher. In those 60 seconds, my wonderful son got a hold of the bathroom cleaner. He came running into the kitchen with the foam from the bathroom cleaner on his face. I washed it off and washed out his mouth, and then made the call to poison control. I hate calling poison control, I swear I can hear them thinking “Wow, aren’t you a great mom letting your son eat chemicals.” Luckily, it seems that he didn’t actually ingest anything, because poison control said I’d see signs irritation, which I didn’t. So it all turned out fine, but he is now in the poison control database. And with him being half boy half monkey (his climbing skills are extraordinary), I’m sure this will not be the last time he’ll get into something.

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