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So I have to sound off about stupid people and they stupid things they say. For the most part, I keep pretty quiet about my health problems, I really don’t let people know unless it is unavoidable, and the reason for that is  stupid, ignorant, and judgmental people. I’m really tired of people saying things like “it can’t be that bad, I have kids and a busy life too, so I get tired. I don’t know why you can’t get over it.” Well people it is not the same. I’m a pretty tough, I can function through a lot of pain and tiredness, but the pain and exhaustion from fibromyalgia is NOT THE SAME as “I didn’t sleep very well last night.” Most of the time I can just roll my eyes and these idiots, but sometimes they just get under my skin!

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2 thoughts on “Sound off

  1. I just found your blog…I hope you don't mind me reading and commenting.
    People really can't even begin to understand someones challenges unless they have experienced the same exact thing.That being said, people don't need to make stupid comments. Some people are stupid and sometimes say stupid things. I think if those people could live in your shoes for even an hour they would feel differently or at least have more compassion for you. I think you are awesome Shelley.

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