Today is one of those hard days. My hands are so swollen and painful I can barely type, I can’t figure out what brings this on, it’s really annoying. Because of my hands, buttoning Jackson’s shirt this morning just didn’t go very well. Buttoning the shirt of an 18 month old is never an easy task, Jackson is never ever still, so I usually have to attempt it when he is running away from me laughing. Most of the time I can eventually catch him long enough to get most of the buttons up, but today it was definitively a lost cause. I ended up laying down on the couch laughing after many failed attempts. J thought this was just great, he was very much pleased with his success. Much to his satisfaction, I switched out the button up shirt with one that was easier to get on him. Jackson 1, Shelley 0

This in just a small example of a day in the life of a fibro mom!

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