The fibro fight

I feel like fibromyalgia is one big fight. Fighting doctors, fighting unsympathetic and unbelieving people, fighting to accomplish the most basic tasks, fighting to get through the day. Most of the time I believe I am winning the fight, mostly because I am really stubborn and refuse to let my stupid body win. But there are definitively days I feel tired of fighting, like i’m always fighting a losing battle. I was sharing this with my husband one night, expressing my frustration about how I don’t accomplish anything even though I’m always fighting. He told me that of course I accomplished something, I accomplished something every day when I woke up, got out of bed, and went through my normal day. How many people have to do that day in and day out, in horrible pain, experiencing major exhaustion? But I get up and function like a relatively normal happy person. Isn’t that one of the greatest accomplishments of all?

I must admit, it made me feel a little better!
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