The good and the bad

I decided to sit down and write down all the good and bad things that have come from fibromyalgia. I was interested to see that there are actually several good things that have come from it. This is not to say that I would not change things if I could!

Good things
I’ve found out who my real friends are
I’m learning to let other help me
I have more sympathy for others, and along with that, I am less selfish
More spiritual
I have more appreciation for the simple things
Hurting all the time, which causes me to not sleep etc. etc. (you know the drill)
Not being able to take care of my kids/house/husband the way I want to (this is probably #1)
Having to give up things I enjoy, namely physical activities
Having to ask for help, which I hate doing. I prefer independence. And I hate asking for help when I know I can’t return the favor.
Losing friends
Not being able to be as social as I would like. I don’t like being stuck at home, I want to be out doing things.
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