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I gave a new doctor a try today, I’m so grateful to my sister in law for recommending her. It was definitively a different experience. To this point, I’ve only seen one doctor who even believed there was something wrong with me, the rest all thought I was crazy or depressed. I knew I was in the right place today when right away they gave me five pages to fill out on my fibromyalgia symptoms, pains levels, what I can and can’t do, etc. I was also THRILLED that the word “depression” did not come up one time! Every other doctor I have seen has tried to convince me that I am depressed, and no matter how much I insisted I wasn’t (I have a pretty darn good life and I’m actually feeling very positive these days), they insisted that there was nothing wrong with me, therefore I must be depressed if I’m tired a lot.

Dr. S also confirmed my theory that the fibromyalgia was brought on my rather traumatic pregnancy with my son, which was nice to hear (I love being validated). She also wants to try glutathione/ ATP injections. I must admit, I was somewhat skeptical at first. But I read all the information she gave me and I spent some time looking around online, and everyone seems to have positive things to say about them. So I am thinking I will give them a try. I’m crossing my fingers that they will help!
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