A month ago I was so excited about this Christmas season. At the age of four my daughter is at the perfect age. I was going to have the perfectly decorated house, and was going to give the perfect homemade and thoughtful gifts.

Yeah right, what was I thinking?

And the reality is the sad little tree we bought when we lived in a small apartment just doesn’t fill up much space in our house. But, I thought, what does it matter what the tree looks like? We were going to decorate it beautifully, and no one would notice how small it was. And we did decorate it very nicely, however we did not calculate 20 month old Jackson into the equation.

The first day our tree was up, he broke five ornaments, and the second day he broke a strand of lights, and by the third day I had given up and taken half the ornaments off the tree.

So we will not have a perfectly decorated Christmas. And since my health is not the greatest, we will not have those wonderfully thoughtful homemade gifts. But, all said and done, it is still shaping up to be a wonderful Christmas.
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