Not so invisible disease

Often Lyme disease is one of those “invisible” diseases where the person is horribly sick, but looks fine on the outside. For the most part that has been true for me. Not today though, the neurological Lyme symptoms have kicked in the a vengeance.

I was told I would get sicker with the onset of treatment, that the first few months would be worse than ever. I can now say that is true! Most of my symptoms have been in my joints up till previously and the fibro has definitely been worse. But the last few days EVERYTHING has kicked up a notch, my eyes twitch, my hands twitch, my face twitches, and I shake like a leaf all day long. I can now understand how Lyme is often misdiagnosed as Parkinsons.

It’s a weird sensation to not have control of your body to say the least.

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