White Christmas

As I was going through the bank drive-through this morning the song, “White Christmas” came on the radio. I couldn’t help but let out a little sigh as a looked down at my shorts and flip flops. I love shorts and flip flops, but Christmas is the only time of year that I wish for snow.

I grew up in Michigan, which for those are not familiar with it, is cold, dark, and gloomy. You couldn’t pay me to get me to move back there. Like many creatures, I need sunlight to live. For 11 months out of the year I enjoy our beautiful weather and think “thank goodness I left that horrible place”.

But this time I’ve year, I have to admit, I wish for snow. After living in Michigan for 18 years, it doesn’t seem right to have Christmas in flip flops. It broke my heart to explain to Maddie (when she found out it was officially winter and said she couldn’t wait to see the snow) that it only snows in Houston very rarely. She remembers snow because it snowed our first two years here, but that was very unusual. Hence the sigh.

So we will probably go see the Christmas lights in flip flops, and attend church Christmas day in our short sleeved Christmas outfits, but come January, I’ll be enjoying some great weather while the rest of the country is experiencing snow storms. Then I’ll be grateful for Texas again.

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