CD 57 and my defunct immune system

I’ve been in a Lyme funk. I went to my doctor last week and had some more blood work done. One of the tests they use to check your progress is to check your CD57 levels. The CD57 has to do with your immune system. Lyme kills your immune system so as you get better the number is supposed to rise. My CD57 level at time of infection was 18, you are supposed to be between 70-300. When my blood work came back from this last week, my CD57 level was 11, which basically means I have no immune system.

You can imagine how thrilled I was about that. Six weeks of antibiotics and I get WORSE?

Frustration, lots of frustration.

My doctor is continuing my current levels of treatment for now. But with me not seeing any improvement, it looks like I will be on antibiotics for more than 6 months (which was what was initially the plan).

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