Children with issues

A few years ago my sister heard a speaker that shared his experience with his son as a toddler. The speaker called his son a “terrorist” because he was such a horrible child.

My sister shared this mans experience with me, and it gave me great comfort. Why you ask? Because “the terrorist” grew up to be a normal human being, he did not grow up to be a serial killer.  At that time, I was dealing with my daughter who I was a little worried might actually grow up to be a serial killer.

Now those of you who are judging me, believe me, my fears were not unjustified. Maddie is the only child I have ever seen who came into this world already angry. I’m not kidding. When she was a newborn she would push me away and scream, because she didn’t like human contact. Throughout her first year of life she continued to be angry and continued to hate other people (including myself and my husband). As she got older her anger often was directed towards anyone showing physical affection in her line of site. She would get mad if my husband and I held hands, kissed, sat next to each other etc.

Seriously, not normal, right?

So back to my original story, after my sister told me about “the terrorist” we decided that was a pretty good description of my daughter. However, I am now retracting the statement and apologizing to my now less angry, albeit stubborn and difficult, daughter.

My son is the terrorist.

He deceived us with his sweet personality in his early months, reeled us in and lowered our defenses. Now days, his true personality has emerged. When something doesn’t go his way, he throws his body on the floor and starts banging his head on the ground (our floors are mostly wood and tile, not carpet).  Another tactic is to throw things, and I don’t mean little toys, I mean heavy stuff, like chairs (yes my almost two year old is that strong). If I catch him grabbing things out of the dishwasher and try to stop him, he will pick up a glass and chuck it as hard as he can (and yes, it is a glass, glass). When his sister caught him playing with a knife and tried to take it away, he went after her, with the knife (she was ok, our knives are very dull. And before I am accused of bad parenting, the knives were up high, the kid can climb anything). Or when we leave the park, playplace etc. before he wants to leave, he not only hits and kicks, but scratches, and he goes for the eyes.

Yes, I really owe my daughter an apology.

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