Confessions of a crazy mom

As a Mom, there are days you feel like you did a good job, and there are days you KNOW you didn’t. Of course, I always aim to do a good job, but sometimes it doesn’t end up that way. And of course when you are chronically ill and have children at home, most days don’t end up how you planned.

Today I thought I did a good job. I took the kids with me to the store, let them play outside after, and took Maddie to a play date. I was under the impression I put in the extra effort to be a good parent today.

Apparently Maddie got a different vibe.

In her prayers tonight she said, “and please help Jackson to not be a brat,” very sincerely I might add. I KNOW she got that word from me. And when I thought about it, I did say Jackson was being a brat when he was throwing his 10th tantrum about his breakfast. And I might have said something by the time he was in his 5th timeout before lunch.  So what I intended to be a good Mom day turned out to be a bad one from my child’s perspective. Oops.

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