The fibromyalgia/CFS vs Lyme debate

I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia before I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. The only reason I was diagnosed with Lyme was because I went to a fibro doctor who routinely tested new fibro patients for Lyme. Apparently she does that because so many people with Lyme are first diagnosed with fibro or CFS.  Not that this doesn’t mean I don’t have fibro, I do, it was just brought on the Lyme disease.

Lucky me, right?

But come to find out, there seems to be a debate about the link between fibro/CFS and Lyme. Many people with Lyme disease are convinced that fibro/CFS do not exist, that all those who are diagnosed actually have Lyme disease. They believe Lyme is a global epidemic and that stupid doctors and the lack of accurate testing have led to Lyme patients being diagnosed with fibro instead.

Personally, I think that is going too far. I agree that doctors are stupid (I have no respect for the profession any more), and I agree that there are many patients out there like me, diagnosed with fibro but actually have Lyme, but I do not think that it is ALL fibro/CFS patients. That would be a nice and convenient answer though, since Lyme is often treatable and fibro is not.  It’s hard for me to imagine though that ticks are taking over the world and causing millions of people to have undiagnosed Lyme disease (because millions have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia).

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One thought on “The fibromyalgia/CFS vs Lyme debate

  1. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia about 3 years ago. I have tried many types of medications from narcotics to anti-seizure medications to control the pain. I have been on Cymbalta for the last 4 months. Cymbalta works wonderful and I am able to live a pain free life.
    Ric Gebe Watson

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