Laughing when things are hard

Life is always humorous in our family, it has to be or we wouldn’t survive.

This past week while I have been down and out, the humor has been a bit of a stretch, but it has been there.  My husband and I have developed a running joke. The original question (proposed by my Mom) was if we could only save two body parts from each other, what would it be?

It true family fashion, neither my husband or I have ever directly answered this question. Instead it has become the basis for quite a few jokes. So on Wednesday when I called my husband at work and told him he needed to come home because I was on my death bed and my son had already broken three of our glass dishes in a rampage, I saw little humor in the situation.

He came home to rescue me, the kids, and our dishes. I was huddled under the blanket with a raging fever and a splitting headache. I was in no mood to joke, but he asked me what I thought HE would choose to keep of me if I could. Let’s just say the answer that came immediately (remember, 2 parts of the body) kept us laughing for like five minutes.  And after that the answers just got more ridiculous, earlobes, chin, moles etc. That’s what I love about my husband, he knows how to make me laugh no matter how bad things are.

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