An unexpected reminder

It’s been a rough couple days, my body is freaking out. I keep running through the same fever cycle over and over again. Fine in the morning, fever comes on slowly during the afternoon, running rampant and making my head feel like a bbq grill by dinner, and by bedtime the fever is gone. This has happened three days in a row, so it is a good thing I have a doctor appointment tomorrow.

Yesterday I was feeling grumpy and horrible because of this weird fever cycle, and because Jackson has been on an angry rampage. But, when I dropped Maddie off at preschool, her teacher reminded me that life is still good. She was asking about the Lyme disease, how long i’d had it, etc. When I told her that I had been sick for years, she looked at Maddie and said, “isn’t it a miracle that you were so sick, but yet you got your two babies here to earth completely healthy, God really watches out  for us, you have miracle babies.”

My first thought was “wow!”

And I didn’t even tell her about all my pregnancy complications!

But she is right, my babies are miracle babies, and God really has really watched out for me. Even if things haven’t turned out how I planned, at least my children are here and they are healthy.

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One thought on “An unexpected reminder

  1. I am sorry about the havoc your body is doing to your life. Fevers are the worst. They make you feel like you have been kicked in the stomach and then run over by a car. Let us know what the doctors say.

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