Chronic pain and sticking to a schedule

I am a control freak, and one of the areas of my life I like to control is my house. I want my house to be clean and clutter free. I am the opposite of those people you see on hoarders, I probably throw too much stuff away, because I really don’t like “stuff.” This is one of the things I’ve really had to let go of since all my health problems began. I am only one unhealthy person, and I have three very much healthy people who make messes every second of the day (I mostly direct this to those in my house below the age of five. However, my husband is by no means a clean person, he does try though).  I have learned through all this that sometimes you have to let the dust collect and sometimes my floors are not sparkling clean, and a lot of the time there are toys in the living room.

And for the most part, I accept this. But every once in a while the control freak in me snaps and has to clean as much of the house as fast as possible. I did this yesterday and because Jackson was sick, I was able to spend hours scrubbing. I’m definitely paying for the hours I spent down on all fours cleaning the baseboards, the fibro has kicked in full gear. Now that the logical part of me has regained control, I wonder what in the world possessed me to direct my energy towards to baseboards. Really, would it have killed me to leave them dusty?
Does anyone else have this problem?

I need to learn to actually stick to  a cleaning schedule and to use my bursts of energy more wisely.

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One thought on “Chronic pain and sticking to a schedule

  1. Ohhhhh I can so relate. Except I like "stuff", and somehow things just clutter around our house, but then again, there are 6 people, 3 cats and a dog here. LOL. But I do struggle with letting things go and wanting my house to be cleaner. The family has gotten more used to me being a "FibroMom" I've finally gotten them to at least not argue about doing their chores, but I have to remind them, which I forget to half the time. It took me one year before I realized I was in the crash and burn cycle, so I started to focus on one small area a day; sometimes it takes me several days because I've learned to listen to my body, and I take lots of breaks. One thing that helps me is watching a movie on TV and doing a "part" of the task on commercials. I enjoy your blog, and keep up the good work!

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