Two things I learned last week

Two things I learned last week:

1. For both of our sanity, my daughter needs to be in school
2. I need sun

Last week was very very long. My daughter had two days off preschool because of a teacher conference. Normally that wouldn’t be too bad, we’d just go to the park ever day so she could burn off some steam. But it rained ALL week last week. Now I know it is extremely whinny of me to complain about a couple days of rain, but I live in Texas for a reason, I need sunlight.  When it rains all I want to do is crawl in bed with a good book, something that is not possible with kiddos. Plus, my kids LOVE to be outside. My son kept bringing my his shoes and my shoes and crying “outside, outside!” Then when I told him we couldn’t go outside because of the rain (like he understands?) he would run to the window by the door, push aside the blinds and cry “outside” in the saddest way possible. It broke my heart.

But this week we are back to normal. The sun is back so we are going to the park today, and Maddie is back in preschool which just makes everyone happy.

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