bursts of energy

I’m in a funk. A “nobody reads my blog so why should I update it” funk. Plus, the past three days I have been feeling great, completely full of energy! I’m still in a lot of pain, but when I have energy, pain can only keep me down so much. So, I have been busy making up for the previous two weeks where I didn’t do a lot. You know, all those things like cleaning bathtubs and showers that really should be done on a regular basis, but when you have a chronic illness (and aren’t rich enough to pay a maid) you just shut your eyes, close the shower door, turn the water on, and just pretend you don’t know how gross it is. I am now proud to say, we are no longer gross (ok, so when I say gross, I mean by my standards, which are pretty high. Don’t worry about my kids, they weren’t bathing in dirt or anything).

With my extra energy I also painted Jackson’s dresser, which was my first attempt at any big DIY project. The dresser in question is good and sturdy but is hideous and have hated it for years. Yesterday I was suddenly taken over by that hatred, so I decided I was going to paint it RIGHT THEN. Jackson even helped me push it our to the garage (if you disbelieve me because you know Jackson is not even 2, have I ever mentioned Jackson the strongest kid I have ever seen?). I can’t say I love the change, it’s a little too much of one color (I wanted to put chalkboard paint on top, but it has so many grooves, it wouldn’t work) but it is much better, better enough for the dresser to not annoy me every time I see it. Plus, it gave me confidence to try more. I read way too many design blogs where people pull off these awesome DIY projects. My projects will never look that good, but at least I know I can produce an adequate dresser from following explicit instructions.

It is so nice when I have these bursts of energy, the only downside is that I inevitably end up losing that energy and feeling horrible again. The let down is really difficult. But I try to not think about the let down, but to enjoy what I have, when I have it.

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2 thoughts on “bursts of energy

  1. I bet there are several people who read your blog that you don't even know about! I'm glad you could accomplish so much in your burst of energy, even though you're suffering for it now.


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