I’m one of “those” people

I have been healthy all my life until my pregnancy with my daughter almost five years ago. I took my health for granted and I didn’t even realize it. I saw other people with hosts “health problems” and I admit, for some of them I thought they were faking, over exaggerating, hypochondriacs etc. Not everyone of course, but you know “those”people who have multiple issues that don’t have a specific explanation, they go from doctor to doctor trying to find someone to “validate” their concerns.

I had a realization the other day. I am now one of “those” people.

Not that my illness is vague and undefined anymore. I know exactly what is wrong with me, but as treatment progresses (or doesn’t really progress as the case may be) more and more ailments keep popping up. My immune system is low, so I am sick all the time, I’m on antibiotics to kill the stupid bacteria, the antibiotics give me stomach problems. You get the idea.

So if there is one thing this disease has done for me, it has made me a believer. I believe in anyone who says they have health problems, even if they seem to be vague and are always multiplying.

I know there are people who judge me and I can’t do anything about that, so I need to just worry about me and my judgments.

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