Steps to achieving a good nights sleep

Shelley’s steps to achieving a good nights sleep

1. Kick out (not literally) any and all kids that are trying to sleep in your bed
2. Switch on heating pad
3. Crank up the air conditioning so you don’t swelter to death from said heating pad (if you live in a hot climate like me. If not feel free to go to step four)
4. Close door, turn on fan, insert ear plugs to block out the sounds of children snoring  (no, my bedroom is not next to my children’s rooms, and yes, my daughter’s snoring is that bad. I fear adenoid removal is in her future).
5. Toss and turn for approximately 1/2 hr
6. Turn the AC even lower, because your tossing and turning has made you even warmer
7. Finally give in and take prescription medication that is supposed to help you sleep
8. Thwart your child’s second attempt to sneak into your bed
9. Finally fall asleep, a good two to three hours after you started the process

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