Finally, some improvement

No more doxycycline! I have developed a serious hated for doxy which is responsible for me throwing up on a regular basis. Doxy is rough on the stomach and I already have a very sensitive stomach. I had to take it twice a day and if I wanted to avoid throwing up I’d had to make sure I ate a lot. It is not great for weight loss to stuff yourself twice a day! Sometimes I would not be hungry so I’d try to get away with eating less or eating light foods like fruit and yogurt. I faced the not so fun consequences of that decision every time.

So my doctor has finally deemed my immune system high enough to start on higher doses of antibiotics (antibiotics suppress your immune system, and mine was already as low as it could get, so she didn’t want to put me on high dose AB until my immune system showed some life). At last, some real progress!

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