Traveling with a chronic illness

Traveling is a nightmare no matter if it is by plane, car, train, subway, foot, motorcycle, hot air balloon or wagon (OK I may be exaggerating here a little bit). Traveling when you are sick can be even more of a nightmare. When you are sick it is important to be in control of your schedule, but when you are traveling, you are no longer in control, either

          A. cranky airline (or insert mode of transportation here) employees who enjoy their power way too much are in control. Or

          B. The weather is in control (for example landing in Houston during a rainstorm. I don’t get motion sick generally, but I was pretty close to grabbing out the barf bag) Or

          C. The cosmos are in control. I’ve pretty much decided the cosmos are against me since every time I’m on the Houston freeway I get behind someone going 45 mph in the fast lane. Or when I fly, I get singled out for the strip search by the angry TSA employee (OK not literally a strip search, but it is pretty close). On a side note, the airport security employees in France are much nicer than those in Houston. Apparently the snooty French people don’t work at the airport, just at the chocolate shops.

So my strategy is to plan as much as I can for as many contingencies as I can. For flying, I always put all my medication in my carry on, you never know when your baggage will get lost. I also bring lots of food, because who knows if you’ll even be fed, and if you are fed you never know what state the food will be in. When we are driving I make sure I plan out the route, and again make sure we have tons and food and easy access to medication (hmm, I sense a theme here).

After re-reading this post, I realize that apparently my sarcasm is in full gear today. I apologize to those who read my blog thinking they would actually get helpful tips. Although, on further reflection, those of you who know me probably weren’t too surprised.

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