Sunshine and roses

Sometimes I think our family can’t catch a break.

I won’t go into details about the various crapola (yep, that’s what it is) that has been coming our way lately, but I am ready for a nice long break filled with sunshine and roses.

Think it will happen?

I’m not so sure. But, in the meantime, our kids keep us sane (no really!). I mean, they drive me insane too, but sometimes when life just sucks, it is really nice to have funny, cute kids who make you laugh. Because they DO make me laugh. It’s impossible to be around Jackson with his goofball smile and eyes twinkling with mischief and not laugh. And Maddie’s bizarre sense of humor always makes me chuckle.  It’s hard to be serious when you’re around the those two goobers.

And, I am going to Paris in a week in a half. Plus, I took the kids to the zoo today and didn’t die.  How can I not smile about that?

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