Why I am involved in the fibro community

Anyone who comes to my blog may be confused by my blog address” fibro-moms” when clearly what I am dealing most with now is Lyme disease. And it is true, right now I am focused on Lyme for the most part, fibro has been pushed not off the table, but to the side a bit. 

In the beginnging I thought about changing my blog address. I thought about running to the Lyme community and never looking back, no longer acknowledging the fibro diagnoses. But at the time, something was holding me back. My husband would call it pessimism (he is an eternal optimist it’s a wonderful quality, but it’s also annoying), I would call it realism. Realistically, I do not think that I can just deal with the Lyme through antibiotics and all this will go away and I will be normal again. I don’t think I can ever be normal again. I don’t even remember what normal feels like anymore. Realistically, I think I will eventually get rid  the little buggers of bacteria, but my body will never be the same. I think the fibro will probably always be with me. I don’t think a body can go through this kind of trauma and come out unscathed. 

Right now I identify with the Lyme community, but I will always identify with the fibromyalgia community. 
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