Experiences are different when you are sick

Weather wise here in Texas it has been summer for two months, but in about two weeks it will officially be summer because school will be out. I’m not sure whether I am excited about this or not. On one hand, I’m looking forward to not having to pry Maddie out of bed three days a week for preschool. Plus, the sooner summer gets here the sooner fall gets here, and Maddie starts all day kindergarten in the fall (hallelujah). On the other side of the coin, no preschool means Maddie is home every day all day, and just in time for the unbearably hot weather.

Also, summer means the start of hurricane season, the season that every homeowner on the Gulf Coast dreads. My first hurricane experience came just a few months after we moved to Houston. We were rather unfortunately located right by the water. Rather fortunately, we did not own the property. Still, it was stressful beyond belief evacuating and facing the possibility of losing everything we owned. It was emotionally and physically (ever tried to fit everything you own into trash bags?) difficult.  When we looked at houses to buy we decided on a neighborhood that was as far away from the water as we felt we could get away with and still give  Bart a decent commute. Still, we face the possibility of a hurricane destroying everything we own. Plus I wonder how my body will handle the stress this time. I was healthy last time and it was a completely exhausting experience,. I know it will be much more difficult with my current limitations. I’m going to be holding my breath (figuratively of course!) until November when the season is over.

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