Let me first start off by saying I am one of the lucky ones, I have health insurance. People think that our lives are golden because my husband works for the government and government insurance is cheap and covers everything. Sorry to burst the bubble, but we pay $400 a month and our insurance is as crappy as everyone else’s.

And so I find myself, a political moderate, rooting for Obama and his healthcare reform. Don’t get me wrong, I hate most of the legislation he produced and I don’t think he proposed a productive way to pay for it, but it is a start, and some pieces of the legislation are absolutely essential (I think anyway). For example, my insurance has a one million dollar limit, which would not be allowed any longer with Obamacare (on a side note, Obamacare popped up in my spell check, hilarious). One million sounds like a lot until you get in a horrible car accident and need years of therapy and corrective surgeries, or if someone gets cancer. There are so many people with insurance who go bankrupt because of medical bills after they hit their lifetime limit. And as of right now that could actually happen to us as well as any other middle class family.

I look at other countries that have socialized medicine and I see a lot of things that are good and that I think we (as in America) need to implement. But the problem I have with socialized medicine is that with free healthcare comes doctor shortages. Who wants to be a doctor and go through years of school if you aren’t going to make much money? Because the government doesn’t pay doctors very much, currently medicaid pays out squat, which is why no doctor wants to take medicaid patients. And with socialized medicine people can actually die waiting for their turn to get into seeing a specialist, how much better is it that in America people die because they can’t afford a specialist? Also, people with money can afford private doctors and clinics, so once again people with money are on top and those without money are at a disadvantage. It seems there is no magic solution.

Because of all my recent health problems health care has really been on my mind. We’ve had to learn how to navigate the insurance and doctor world, though thankfully we haven’t had too many bad experiences. But I am still hoping and praying that something, anything, gets done to start fixing this horrible heath care problem.

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