Setting small goals

Lately it seems like everyone I know is running marathons and/or training for one. And as I’m watching these people run mile after mile after mile and working hard and accomplishing their goals, I admit it, I feel jealous and I feel annoyed at all the healthy people.

Now, don ‘t worry, this isn’t a pity party post, I promise.

I’ve been thinking a lot about those feelings of jealousy and I realized I wasn’t so much envious of the actual marathon running (I ran track in high school and I was terrible at it, I hate running and so a marathon to me sounds like an actual form of torture).  I realized I was envious of these people and their ability to set a admirable goal, work for it, and achieve it.

Of course, I can set goals and work on achieving them, but my goals have to be more practical and short term, because I honestly don’t have the energy for anything else. My goals are more like: mop the wood floor this month (yes I know, sad), clean the bathrooms once a week, do something nice for a friend, have fun with the kids, put clothes on besides sweatpants, etc.

Of course, I do have a long term goal: to get my health back on track. Unfortunately that is not completely within my control, which I think is where my jealousy comes into play. The good news is that things are getting better, the bad news is that it’s two steps forward, one step back.

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One thought on “Setting small goals

  1. Hang in there Shelley! I seriously love following your blog and enjoy all your insights. Good luck with getting this health back on track. (Oh, and I LOVED your last post about "real life." I giggled and related to it!)

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