Those with chronic illness are the real heroes

I was talking to my sister today about amazing people I know who have horrible health problems but are endlessly positive about them. Those people are my heroes. ALL the sick people who feel like crap but yet get up each and every day are my heroes, those who are positive and those who are not.

What some people don’t understand is how much courage and determination it takes to get up every morning when your body is falling apart. I’m not necessarily talking about myself,  I’m doing well enough that my life is mostly manageable, but for so many people that is not the case. My sister for example (who I hope doesn’t mind me mentioning her)  has health problem after health problem coming at her, none of which the stupid doctors can figure out, and yet she gets up every day and lives her life the best that her body will allow. That is true courage.

Too often we overlook these amazing people, people with chronic illness, because by definition the illness doesn’t go away.  There is no “i beat this thing” celebration. I think we need to celebrate these people every day, because they are living their life to the utmost, despite what could have held them back.

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