What life is REALLY like when you have kids and a chronic illness

Sometimes lives on the internet come across as picture perfect. I read people’s blogs full is smiling  kids and happy mothers doing fun things together and I feel guilty about the lack of smiles and fun things with my kids. And then of course I realize that things aren’t always like that, and I am also guilty of putting my best blogging face to the world. The truth is things aren’t always perfect here, sometimes they are downright chaotic and horrible. So what are things like on a daily basis?

1. I mopped the living room floor today CONFESSION: It has been a month since I did it last
2. We eat way too much Little Caesars $5 pizza
3. I don’t bathe my kids every day
4. When people come over I throw all the junk and unfolded laundry into my room
5. Maddie spends way too much time on the computer, because it is the only time I can ever get her to stop asking questions.
6. Jackson goes to timeout on average 8 times a day because he goes into these crazy rages and throws heavy objects when he doesn’t get what he wants.
7. Maddie goes on a starvation diet about once a month where she refuses to eat anything but junk food. I refuse to give it to her, though she is offered a variety of healthy foods,  she usually ends up so hungry that she makes herself sick. Then she’ll give in and eat the healthy food.
8. I no longer respond to just regular screaming from my kids, I’ve found it reaches a certain pitch level when they are really hurt, anything else is just them screaming at each other.
9. Sometimes Jackson and I spend the whole morning in bed reading books when I am not feeling good, sometimes he watches a lot of Barney.
10. Though I try to go somewhere with the kids every day, it doesn’t always happen.
11. Sometimes I put my limited energy into doing something for myself, and then I feel guilty afterword for not doing something with my kids
12. Sometimes I know Jackson needs a diaper change, but I wait until Bart gets home and have him do it

It’s always an interesting day in the Smith house!

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