Finding Neverland

I love the movie “Finding Neverland” about (loosely) JM Barrie the author of “Peter Pan”. One of my favorite scenes is when Barrie and his wife go to their separate bedrooms after an argument. She opens her door and walks into a regular bedroom. He opens his door and behind it is not just a bedroom, but Neverland, the world where his mind takes him, the world where people don’t grow up.

I’ve often wondered, am I more like his wife, or am I more like Barrie? Do I get through the ups and downs of life by being practical, or by my imagination?  I’m probably a mix between the two, I tend to be very practical, but this illness had taught me that sometimes you just have to use your creativity and imagination to find beauty in this life. There is beauty all around me, but sometimes I have to work a little harder to find it than I used to.

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