I am one of THOSE Moms

Today I had to take my daughter into the ENT to discuss the possibility of getting her tonsils out. Pediatric ENT’s are not a dime a dozen, to I took the first available appointment, it was at 3:20.

That was mistake number 1.

3:20 is in the middle of my son’s nap time. I rationalized that it would be fine because he hasn’t been napping much anyway, and we really needed to get into the ENT so my daughter could have the surgery before school starts in August.

Mistake number 2: I thought about getting a babysitter for my son, but decided not to. Lots of my friends are on vacation, 3:00 is a very inconvenient time, and my son is ALWAYS good when I take him the pediatrician and the eye doctor.

Mistake number 3: Refusing to print out the paperwork at home and bring it in filled out. I refuse to use my own  paper and ink to fill out stupid doctor forms, I pay them enough as it is.

All of these culminated into one of my most embarrassing moments ever, and possibly the biggest toddler meltdown ever seen. We weren’t in the doctors office more than three minutes before my son started the destruction. Then I made the mistake of trying to stop him. Enter hitting and kicking and bloodcurdling screaming. Thank goodness a wonderful nurse took pity on me and bribed him with juice. He was OK for ten minutes. Then while we are waiting for the doctor, the destruction commences again. He gets in trouble again, he hit me again and again. I pin him down so he can’t hit me, he bashes his head into my nose. It’s a miracle it isn’t broken. The doctor is trying to explain to me about the tosillectomy procedure and all I could think about was if my nose was broken. His screaming got so loud I couldn’t hear the doctor. She finally gave up trying to talk to me and told me to call back about scheduling the surgery.

As we are walking out he is still screaming, I’m trying to pin down his arms so he won’t hit me, and I was still wondering if my nose was broken (on reflection, I was at an ENT office, I could have asked, but believe me, I had bigger concerns).

I am now one of those mothers. The ones who can’t control their children, I was never going to be that mother. When he threw a tantrum at the store last week, we left, we disrupted no one. I couldn’t leave the doctors office though, we had waited forever for an appointment. What do other people do in this situation?  I think my son’s  new nickname should be Voldemart or someone as equally capable of destruction, perhaps Sauron would work as well?

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