Why don’t Moms get sick days?

My determined children have successfully managed to get me sick. I seriously think they have made a secret pact to do their best to make me sick so they can get away with eating junk food and watching TV. I drink a lot of water, so I always have a cup or water bottle sitting around the house that I continually drink out of. My kids are always stealing my water and taking drink out of it, despite the fact that they have their own water sitting on the table. Maddie has gotten in trouble for this more times than I can count, and she especially got in trouble last week because she was sick, and still kept stealing my water. So I wasn’t too surprised when I came down with the cold of the century, it really was an inevitability.

People say that being a Mom is hard because it is a 24/7 365 days a years job. Most of the time I’m good with that, but when it really gets hard is when I get sick (in addition to my chronic illness type of sick). I don’t get a sick day when I’m sick, I get to keep doing my job. So yesterday I decided I was going to let myself be sick (because I was), my kids were unfortunately not in on the agreement.  I counted, I had to put Jackson in time out 15 times for hitting his sister. There is nothing more fun than being sick and having to haul your 30 lb toddler to his room 15 times. Again, I’m pretty sure that my kids conspired against me.

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One thought on “Why don’t Moms get sick days?

  1. I agree and ask that very question every time I am sick. On top of my Fibro if I get a flu or bronchitis, I am expected to still be running 100% mommy duty. Ugh, someday we can sit on the porch in slippers, in the sun, and just be sick, while every one takes care of themselves. Granted, that might not happen until they are 20, but lets face it..if being a mom was easy..well…I guess that's not an option either 🙂 Feel better and be well!!

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