Fibro and sleep difficulties

Difficulty sleeping is common for us fibroites (yes I know, not a word, but it should be). The problem is that there is a nasty cycle between sleep and pain. Pain causes me to not sleep-no sleep puts me into more pain-and more pain leads me to not sleep again. Fun stuff.

I look back with envy at my old self in college who would pass out on a couch in the middle of the busy student union. I went through college working almost full time and going to school full time and I did it by working the night shift at a hotel. I’d sleep with my head slumped over the desk for a few hours a night, and then after I finished my shift I would rush straight off to class. How I ever functioned like that, I have no idea. How I ever slept like that, I still have no idea. Now days I can’t fall asleep when I’m exhausted, in my comfortable bed, surrounded by silence.

I have discovered a wonderful new thing that I can’t believe no doctor ever told me about. I feel a little stupid, since apparently everyone else in the world knows about this. My sister suggested I try melatonin. Cheap over the counter natural product, turns out it can help you sleep! It’s been a life saver for me, and I am a person who can take three benadyl and still be perfectly awake. It has helped me more than any other sleep aid. Seriously, how did I not know about this?

It’s not a miracle cure or anything, but it is something that sometimes helps, and anything that helps me sleep and has the added benefit of being natural, is good in my book.

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