How to survive other people’s illness when you have a chronic illness

Someone should write a book, “How to survive other people’s illness when you have chronic illness.” My five year old had surgery this morning, and I am exhausted. I didn’t even do anything besides sit and rub her head for most of the day, and yet somehow I am more exhausted then I usually am after a busy day.  Thank goodness my wonderful husband volunteered to stay at the hospital tonight, I know there is no way I would be able to sleep on those uncomfortable beds. Thankfully my daughter is generally healthy and will be back to normal in a few weeks, but I have to wonder about people who have chronic illness who have to deal with other people’s illnesses. How do they do it?

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3 thoughts on “How to survive other people’s illness when you have a chronic illness

  1. Seriously, my children even having a common cold is hard to handle with Fibro. I cannot imagine how difficult surgery would be. I can say that the times I've needed to go to the hospital for other people have been painful and difficult and downright draining.

    As if the stress of the situation isn't enough, hospitals lack comfortable seating, you're expected to stand most of the time in crowded patient rooms (especially in the ER), and then running to get stuff the hospitilized person needs (tracking down nurses and doctors).

    I hope your daughter heals quickly and the surgery was successful. My thoughts are with you.

  2. Shelley, I would love to reprint this and will give you credit of course. I am writing some mom books for those with illness and this would be included as a quote in an ebook on questions to ask yourself if you are considering having a child and you are chronically ill. I have rheumatoid arthritis and am the woman (lisa) behind Invisible Illness Awareness Week – thanks so much for your posts on that!

    1. Lisa, as long as get credit I would thrilled if you used this for your book! That sounds like it would be a really helpful book, I know I would have liked to read about about children and chronic illness after I was first diagnosed. Thank you for all you do for raising awareness for Invisible Illnesses.

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