Small graces

Yesterday I may or may not have had a mini meltdown in the car after I got home from the grocery store. Nothing induces stress more than going to the grocery story with Jackson, the toddler from hell. So with that induced stress, the pain I was in, worrying about Maddie’s surgery coming up, worrying about explaining to Maddie that she was going to have to get blood drawn today, worrying about paying for said surgery, worrying about my impending need to do IV antibiotics, worrying about the kitchen remodol we started doing (because we have apparently lost our minds), sleep deprivation from Jackson not sleeping the last two weeks etc. I may have lost it for a moment. I put my head down on the stearing wheel and kept it there until the cries for attention from the back seat called me back to real life.

Don’t worry, this story get’s better.

So I took Maddie to get her blood drawn today. It didn’t not increase my confidence when the nurse whispered to me “does she know what is happening?” Um, I should hope she does. What kind of parent surprises their child with getting blood drawn? I can just imagine Maddie’s face as I yell “surprise, you get to have a needle put into your vain!” Anyway, here is where the small graces come in, Maddie was awesome! I’m pretty sure they had never seen a child take it that well, she only whimpered a little bit. When we were done, she hopped down and preceded to charm all the nurses. They kept telling me she was the cutest kid ever. Thank goodness for small graces!

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