A terrible, horrible, no good very bad day

Some days just suck. I try really hard to be positive about being sick, and a lot of the time I manage it, but sometimes living with a chronic illness is just hard. I always try to find humor in things that go wrong and I can usually find it, but sometimes a day comes by where I just can’t find anything that is funny about the situation. Yesterday was that day for me. I felt horrible and my dear sweet 2 year old was completely out of control, he managed to flood the kitchen while I was occupied doing the laundry. The icing on the cake at the end of the day was that I found out my Lyme/Fibro doctor is being investigated for treating Lyme disease (why they are investigating a doctor for treating their patients correctly is a post for another day). Great, the one doctor with in a 500 mile radius of me that can treat me might lose her license, just great. Yes, I think a move to Australia is in order.

I have mostly regained my sense of humor today. No permanent damage is done to the kitchen thank goodness. As for the doctor, I guess it will be a wait and see situation. I’m sure it will take years for the investigation, and I better not be dealing with Lyme anymore years from now.

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