When is spell check going to recognize fibromyalgia?

There has been a lot of progress the last few years in recognition for fibromyalgia. I remember when my sister was diagnosed (though it turned out she didn’t have it) several years ago, I had barely heard of it. Now just a few short years later when I tell people that I have fibromyalgia, they usually say “oh yeah, I saw a commercial for that.” We, the fibro community have a lot to thank advertisers for, since if there is a commercial for it, well then it must be real.

However, one thing that has irked me for the past year is the every time I type fibromyalgia it pops up in spell check. I have typed fibromyalgia four times in this post, and so I have four red squiggly lines in it as well. I’ve decided that we (the fibro community) will know we have really gained acceptance when spell check accepts us!

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3 thoughts on “When is spell check going to recognize fibromyalgia?

  1. This drives me up the wall too. Every time I write the word Fibromyalgia I wince, because I know that the little red line is going to highlight it for me and let me know that it isn't in the dictionary, so I must be spelling it wrong….

    When I'm in a really rotten mood, I think it's just another part of the world that doesn't consider Fibromyalgia to be real, but most of the time I recognize that for some reason the spelling dictionaries don't get updated very often.

    Can't wait for Fibromyalgia to be recognized in dictionaries.


  2. I added it to my spellcheckers as a matter of principle ages ago 😉 my iPhone has decided that Fibro HAS to have a capital letter for some reason though…?
    We have a wiki page…that's actually ok…so we are getting there 🙂

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