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I stayed up WAY to late last night reading the book “Over the Edge” by Brandilyn Collins. It is a novel about Lyme disease, and while it is a fictional story, it is packed with information about Lyme disease and the “Lyme Wars.” I would recommend this book to anyone who has a friend/family member with Lyme disease. It describes in detail the horrible things Lyme patients have to through, the battle over diagnoses and testing, the battle for treatment, battling the insurance companies to pay for treatment, and stupid doctors who insist Lyme disease can be treated in two weeks, no matter how long you have had the infection.
My only complaints about the book are that there were a few things that happened to the character in the book that are NOT typical for most Lyme patients.
1. The character received a diagnoses in a very short period of time. Every other possibility was ruled out within a period of 2 days. Most Lyme patients go for years without a real diagnoses and they go from doctor to doctor to doctor ruling everything out. 
2. She had easy access to a Lyme specialist, and she got into the doctor in 1 day. Many Lyme patients travel hours and hours often crossing state lines to see a Lyme doctor, and it usually takes months to get in (the closest doctor to me is 6 hours away).  
3. She had no problem paying for her care. Luckily the character had been married to a rich doctor who was (luckily for her) willing to pay for her treatment. Most Lyme patients are denied coverage from their insurance, and so they are forced to pay thousands out of pocket for basic treatment. 
With that said, I understand why these things were misrepresented in the book, in a novel there isn’t time to address all these issues. All and all I would definitely recommend this book for someone who wants to learn about Lyme but doesn’t have the patience for a non-fiction read.
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  1. I still have her (for now) but she is actually not a Lyme specialist. Most of her patients travel out of state to see a Lyme doctor, and then have her administrate their treatment at the local level. I refuse to do that, so I just put up with her way of treating Lyme.

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