I am loath to admit this…

I was thinking the other day about all the crap that has happened the last few years and what I was like before all this stuff happened versus what I am like now. I came to the conclusion that I am a much better person because of what I have gone through, although I am loath to say that. No one likes challenges, so it is particularly annoying to realize that you are a better person because of them. Had a sailed through the past few years with ease like I would have liked too, I would be a different person. As much as I would prefer to be a normal 28 year old,  I am a much more sympathetic, caring, and loving person that I used to be. Overall I am also a much happier person, though of course I have my bad days and even my no good very bad days. I certainly appreciate things more than I used to. If only our characters could develop and grow without challenges, that would be the ideal!

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One thought on “I am loath to admit this…

  1. I agree with a lot of what youve said. I was "healthy" and happy before Fibro. Though I did have to go through some stages (anger, grief, resentment, depression) After the Fibro I am much more aware of my mental and physical health, what I eat, how stressed I allow myself to become, and how my bad days affect other people. I have become more disciplined in taking care of myself and It has had many benefits. Without the Fibro I do not think I would have picked up fitness and nutrition as a "hobby". When I see my kids walk away from the junk at the supermarket, do yoga with me, tell my husband he should go the chiropractor or "not eat those"…priceless! I miss my pain free body from my younger days, but I like the person It has turned me into. (Besides the bad days, they still SUCK!) take care and have a nice weekend:)

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