Making tough lifestyle decisions

Recently I’ve seen lots of articles about fibromyalgia/chronic illness and how it forces us sick folks to make tough lifestyle decisions.  So far I really haven’t made too many tough lifestyle decisions, only small ones like what favors to say yes to, helping in my daughter’s classroom, teaching Sunday school at my church etc. However, my oldest is starting full time school tomorrow, and I find myself starting to think about those major lifestyle decisions. I now have one kid at home, and I feel like I should be working, were I healthy I am pretty sure I would be. I would really like to have a job at this time of my life, but if I am honest with myself, I am not physically able to hold a job right now.  So now I am wondering what I should do with myself, with only one kid at home during the day I should in theory have some extra energy to go around, but what to do with it? My house could certainly use some deep cleaning, I would love to get started on some DIY house projects, plus I’m sure my son could use some extra attention, but is that enough to keep me busy? Extra sleep would be nice, but that won’t happen with a toddler still at home. I’m really not sure what I am going to do.

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  1. I am in the same boat.I really want to work,even though I have some great days, I know I can't. Kids go back to school in a few days and other than the usual cleaning and organizing, walking, and cooking..I keep thinking "Oh my god"..this is not stimulating enough for me mentally. Not for a whole school year. I do have one DIY project but that will be a long slow process because there is a lot of bending over and back is horrible.. I wonder about taking an online class but disability gives me so little I cant afford it..I often prayed for the day when they were both at school together so I had some time alone, but now that's ts here..ho hum..what to do

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