Who wants to read about a sick mom?

I’ve been asked (by a person who shall remain anonymous) why anyone would want to read a blog about a sick Mom.  My reply was that I don’t blog for other people, I blog for me (that shut them up).  I didn’t start this blog so I would be the most popular blog on the internet, I am not delusional, I know their are plenty of other mom blogs, sick blogs etc. that are better than mine. However, I am like everyone else in that I need and like support, and there was a time when I thought about giving up on blogging. After some thought I decided that it didn’t matter if people wanted to read about a sick mom or not, writing is therapy for me. Plus, writing somewhat coherent thoughts on a regular basis keeps my brain working and keeps me practicing my writing skills.  So, though each additional follower and each additional comment makes me ecstatic, I will keep on, even if there are no more followers and there aren’t comments on every post. I know I’m awesome, so that’s all I need right?  =)

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6 thoughts on “Who wants to read about a sick mom?

  1. I've been reading far to long without commenting…

    I can't speak for random people on the internet or casual acquaintances, but as extended family, I really appreciate your blog. I like to know how you're doing, but I wouldn't want to pry into your life (e-stalking doesn't count ;)) or make you feel like you're complaining.

    On the other hand, your blog is also very inspiring. A lot of people our age don't realize that health problems aren't something you can just will away. You're so frank about your fears and difficulties, but you don't wallow in self-pity. You manage to keep a sense of humor about them, and you deal with them and keep going. That's a kind of strength that a lot of people don't even know exists. You're amazing and I love you! ~Melanie

    1. Lol Melanie, thanks, your comment made me smile! I tend to be horrible about the humor/not whining/tell it like it is balance, so I'm glad someone gets me! Also, I'm totally guilty of e-stalking, I love to read blogs, but I am horrible about commenting.

  2. I found you via Heathline! Congratulations on the award! From one sick Mom to another tell that person to get a life and stop bothering you with their unnecessary and insensitive thoughts. They don't have to read your blog and you don't need to hear their opinion. I find it comforting and inspiring to find other Moms similar to me. Most of my "friends" have no clue what I go through on a daily basis and punish me because of my health. I will be visiting your blog regularly because I love to find someone that can be in the trenches and fight this battle with me. Thanks for all you do!

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